About Bobs Bits

Bob Thorne started Bobs Bits in 1993.

Bobs Bits huge stock of components have been gathered over several years from a wide variety of sources; The aerospace industry, CNC machining companies, the computer industry, industrial recycling, metal reclaimers, fine aluminium casting companies, precision engineering companies, electronics companies, the motor industry (including Formula One), plastic injection moulders, non-ferrous industrial scrap dealers, lighting companies, satellite & microwave communications companies.

Here are some of the major productions supplied:


Production Service Provided
Agent Cody Banks II Prop dressing & set dressing
Alien Love Triangle Prop dressing
Below Major set dressing
Captain America – First Avenger Prop hire, prop & set dressing
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Action prop dressing
Children of Men Set dressing
Clash of the Titans II Prop dressing
Die Another Day Major set dressing & prop dressing
Dirk Gently Robotic props hire
Doctor Who – all episodes since 2005 Prop, set & TARDIS dressing
Doom Prop dressing & set dressing
Footprints in the Snow Set dressing
Gravity Props & dressing
Gulliver’s Travels Set dressing
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Prop dressing & set dressing
Holby City Set dressing & prop dressing
Hounded Control panels & prop hire
Hugo Props & set dressing
Hustle Prop dressing & prop hire
Hustle II Set dressing
John Carter of Mars Prop dressing & set dressing
Kings Speech Prop hire & set dressing
Last Man on Mars Props & dressing
Lost in Space Robot dressing & Model unit
Missing Prop hire & set dressing
Mortal Kombat II Robot/Android dressing
Nanny McPhee Period prop dressing
Primeval Prop & set dressing
Prometheus Props & set dressing
Red Dwarf X Major props & prop dressing
Sarah Jane Adventures Prop dressing
Sherlock Holmes Vintage prop dressing
Sherlock Holmes II Vintage prop hire
Space Academy Miniature spacesuit/EVA dressing
Spooks Prop dressing
Star Wars – Attack of the Clones Major prop & set dressing
Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith Major prop dressing
STEALTH Hi-tech aircraft dressing
Storm Breaker Prop & set dressing hire
Sunshine Set dressing
The Crystal Maze Future zone game dressing
The Dark Knight Rises Prop dressing
The Millennium Dome Home Planet set dressing
The Sound of Thunder Major prop & set dressing
The World is not Enough Major Submarine & prop dressing
Thunderbirds Major set dressing
Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy Prop hire
Tomb Raider Set dressing
Upstairs Downstairs Period props & set dressing
Walking with Spacemen Prop dressing
Wing Commander Major prop & set dressing
World War Z Prop & set dressing
X-Men First Class Prop & set dressing